Farming & Forestry

Sustaining land for future generations

For generations we have managed the land at Buckminster, with our own farming teams and in partnership with local tenant farmers, working with the vision of ensuring Buckminster, its agricultural land and woodlands are sustainably managed by current occupiers for the present and future.


Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through our recent acceptance into the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme across the in-hand farms. This ensures we adopt modern day farming practices, whilst maintaining the land in a way that benefits and enhances wildlife habitats, an approach that Buckminster sees as an essential component to safeguard the future of the British farming industry.

In addition, our in-hand farming operation employs a team of agricultural students over the summer months to assist with the harvest, ensuring Buckminster is providing future generations with the skills they need to manage the land efficiently.


Wooded areas at Buckminster range from semi-natural woodland through to modern day plantations, with avenues of trees and carefully located vistas also present to create an aesthetically pleasing country landscape. The use of the woodland varies from the land being managed for commercial crops, to ride management for sporting purposes and works specifically designed to enhance the amenity value.

All forestry activity is managed through Buckminster’s Head Office. We have recently completed a Woodland Management Plan for the next 20 years, through a programme set up by the English Woodland Grant Scheme. The plan has highlighted work required to individual spinneys and timescales, this provides Buckminster with an essential management tool for ensuring the woods are managed appropriately for years to come.