Grantham Development Shortlisted for Garden Village

Spitalgate Heath, a site near Grantham, has been announced as 1 of 14 sites to be shortlisted by Government for Garden Village status. Over 50 developments had applied. The Garden village would be a distinct new place with its own community facilities. Successful candidates will have access to funding designed to unlock the full capacity of the site and accelerate development.

The proposal for 3,700 houses together with 1.1m square feet of employment space has been recognised for the quality of design and landscaping, and the way in which the development can self-sustain in terms of having its own business park, community hub, schools, healthcare, sports facilities and public open space.

The Garden Village application was put forward by South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) who share Buckminster’s (one of the majority landowners of the site) aspirations for growing and improving Grantham and the surrounding areas.

It is anticipated that development could commence in 2017/18.

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